Welcome to Tipsy Coffee House

Tipsy Coffee House is a locally owned coffee house and bakery in Las Vegas, Nevada. We use locally roasted, organic fair trade coffee and have a great selection of various coffee and espresso drinks. We are proud to be one of the best destinations for artisan coffee in the Valley. 

But more than coffee, we are known for our delicious handmade pastries and desserts, as well as chocolate, truffle cakes, and other treats. Our desserts are all handmade and unique to Tipsy Coffee House. Our pastries are fresh baked daily. We also have breakfast and lunch sandwiches with your choice of chips or homemade soups.

Our signature products are Tipsy Truffle Cakes and Tipsy Drops. Tipsy Truffle Cakes are handmade moist velvety smooth cakes infused with alcohol that sits atop a cookie and is enrobed in fine chocolate. Each Tipsy Truffle Cake is named after the person who inspired the recipe using the finest ingredients possible. Tipsy Drops are small balls of chocolate with alcohol infused inside and will give you an explosion of flavor when you bite in.